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we buy textbooks

College level textbooks are available through many online websites, and many of these sites sell and rent those textbooks as well as offering a textbook buyback program. As a student, you may wonder why selling your textbooks to Tech Guys is an excellent option. We pay top rates to buy your used textbooks all year long.

In addition to providing cash for textbooks, we offer this alternative to students seeking ways to earn extra pocket change through a fair and well-organized buyback program. This helps the continuing cycle for students to buy, rent or sell textbooks, and that cycle helps make a higher education more affordable for all. Whether you need the cash from your current textbooks to pay for next semester’s books, or you are simply looking to have a little more pocket change, Tech Guys is an excellent option.

The prices that Tech Guys pays for textbooks compete with the most popular online only options. We offer a simple, cost effective way to sell your used college textbooks. We keep our payouts competitive by basing prices on the national averages, and supply and demand. Frequently, we will buyback textbooks that campus stores refuse to pay for.

In addition, by bringing your used textbooks to Tech Guys, you will save on the shipping costs to send them in to an online company. You can dodge the long lines and lowball rates at the campus bookstore by coming in to Royal Repair.

Contact Tech Guys in Salinas, Monterey, and the entire Monterey Bay Area and discover how easy and economical selling your used textbooks can be.

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