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To Repair, or Not to Repair

Despite all the features that are continually being added to cell phones, there aren’t many phones out there that are designed to be indestructible. 

In the throwaway culture that we live in today, it can be tempting to simply toss the broken phone aside and buy the latest cell phone to hit the market. Although there are times where buying a new phone is the only option for someone who breaks their phone, a lot of the issues that people run into can be fixed by trained professionals. 

When Can a Cell Phone be Salvaged

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether a phone can be fixed, or if it just needs to be tossed into a bin in the closet. Some companies, like Royal Repair, will offer customers a free diagnostic test to tell what is wrong with the phone and whether it can be fixed. 

A general rule of thumb to tell whether a phone is a potential candidate to be fixed is to see whether the phone is still functional, despite the damage done. For example, if you break your screen, but the phone still appears to work, the damage can probably be fixed. Prices for a screen repair on a smartphone can average between $100-$200, so it is important to consider how old your phone is and when you get an upgrade to determine whether it will be worth being fixed.

For those with newer phones, it is certainly worth the price to have an issue fixed if the choice is between spending $100 to repair a screen, or paying $500 for a brand new phone. The $400 that you save by choosing to have your phone fixed instead of replaced will allow you to spend on upgrading your device or buying a different case to prevent the issue from happening again. 

What All Can be Repaired?

Although screen cracks are probably the most common part of the phone that people break, that is not the only part of the phone that can be repaired by a technician. Someone who is experienced in fixing phones can also fix:

  • Back glass
  • Front cameras
  • Batteries
  • Dock connectors
  • Ear speakers
  • LCD
  • Power buttons
  • Speakers
  • Volume buttons

If you had the misfortune of breaking something on your cell phone, then not all hope is lost. Before you go and spend a chunk of change on a new phone, make sure that you check to see if your problem is something that can be fixed for a reasonable price. If the phone that you have is common, then the chances are that there is someone that will be willing to fix your phone for a reasonable price.

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