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The iPad Mini – Speculations of Apples New Mini Tablet

Apple always seems to be in the lead with their constant stream of new iOS capable devices. With the release of The New iPad, and the upcoming release of the iPhone 5, Apple will once again sweep the market.

However, there is news of a new device from Apple; the iPad Mini. But what will this device be capable of?

Right off the bat, the iPad Mini is a lot smaller than the New iPad, about half the size. It boasts a pocket-sized 7.85 inches in length and is only .01 millimeters thicker than the latest iPod Touch.

Hardly any of the technical specs have been released for the device, but it may be safe to say that it will implement one of Apple’s newest technology, the high resolution Retina Display. Recently, Apple has been applying this technology to everything they’re releasing: the New iPad, the iPhone 4S, and even the new Mac Book Pros that are to be released soon.

What does this mean for cost?

Surely the retina display is an expensive piece of hardware, but Apple states that the iPad Mini is to be more affordable than the New iPad with speculated prices less than $299.

There is still a lot to guess about for the iPad Mini, but it is rumored that the device will also house the new quad core A6 processor that will also be found inside of the iPhone 5. And also like the iPhone 5, the iPad Mini will sport the 19-pin docking port.

Overall, this device seems promising. It will be like having a hybrid iPod Touch and iPad to carry around which means it will be a lot more mobile and less clunky than the iPad.

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