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Video Game RepairTech Guys has successfully repaired 100’s of game systems. We repair Consoles and Handhelds. Over the years we have repaired Sony PS2, PlayStation 3 PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 PS4, Nintendo Wii, Wii U. We currently repair handhelds Nintendo DS, DSi, 3ds, Sony PSP, Sony PS Vita, and More.

We use OEM Grade parts to repair the systems. Our experienced technicians have successfully repaired systems deemed unrepaire -able by other repair shops. We are not always the customer first stop but we will be the last because of our; service, pricing, and experience.

We offer a 90 day warranty on our parts and repairs, please see our warranty page

We can usually get your PS4, PS3, XBOX, XBOX One, Wii, Wii U or handheld device back within 3 to 5 business days, but if a part needs to be ordered, you can get your game console back within 7-10 business Days.

Some of the repairs we perform are as follows.

  • Red Light of Death (RLOD)
  • Yellow Light of Death (YLOD)
  • Software restoration or update
  • Hdmi port repair
  • Power Supply
  • Disc Stuck or not ejecting
  • Disc Drive Repair or replacement
  • Games Freezing
  • Heat Sync Reflow
  • Disc Read Error
  • System Overheating

Pricing $30 non refundable plus $50 Labor if fixed Total $80 plus price of part if needed.

Contact Tech Guys in Salinas, Monterey, and the entire Monterey Bay Area for more information.

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