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Samsung Galaxy S8+ plus screen repairAccidents happen, and when the accident causes damage to your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ plus cell phone, Tech Guys has a cost effective alternative to replacement. Whether it is water damage or a cracked screen, our certified technicians will repair your Galaxy with only quality parts. In many cases, we can fix your Samsung Galaxy quickly and easily.

Tech Guys Samsung Galaxy Cracked Screen Replacement

The specialists at Tech Guys will replace the cracked glass screen on your Samsung Note 5, Samsung S6, or Samsung S7 to restore your phone. All of the repairs made at Tech Guys come with a competitive warranty and the best service available. When your phone is unusable because of a shattered or cracked screen, your personal and business world can come to a halt. Tech Guys has the expertise and quality parts to fix your mobile device promptly, and this prevents you from missing important contacts.

Tech Guys Samsung Galaxy Water Damage Repair

We understand that accidents happen, and Tech Guys takes the water damage to your cell phone seriously. We have certified technicians to diagnose and repair the damage to your mobile device with the best quality parts available. We will have your fully restored Samsung Galaxy back to you quickly. For immediate advice on what you can do to help prevent permanent water damage after submersion in water, contact us first by phone.

In addition to cracked glass and water damage repair, we also handle the following Samsung Galaxy repairs:

  • LCD/AMOLED screen replacement.
  • Glass or Digitizer replacement.
  • Charging port repair.
  • Housing swaps.
  • Power repair.
  • Volume Buttons.
  • Back glass cover replacement.
  • Data recovery.

Contact Tech Guys in Salinas, Monterey, and the entire Monterey Bay Area and discover how economical repairing your Samsung Galaxy can be. Call us today at (831) 676-3234.

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