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iPod Repair

ipod-repair-salinasWe Repair All iPod Models

The Tech Guys repairs all models of the iPod. In recent years, the iPod has had many of the same problems as the iPod touch. The iPhone and the iPod run on the same iOS and share the same hardware. The second generation of iPod Touch sometimes seems too similar to the iPhone 3GS, but of course, there are design differences. However, they share many of the same problems, and Tech Guys is skilled at solving them.

Tech Guys offers a thorough diagnostic service free of charge when your iPod is broken or damaged. Instead of purchasing a brand new iPod, restoring your current model will allow you to keep your favorite songs and playlists intact.

iPod Hard Drive Repair Service

Some common features of a faulty or damaged hard drive include: skipping songs, sad face errors, red X warnings, freezing problems, folder icons, clicking sounds, and more.

Common iPod Problems

  • Touch screen does not respond common symptoms:
  • iPod Touch fails to turn on.
  • Air bubbles between the screen and screen protector.
  • Your screen is black and doesn’t respond to touch.

Sleep or wake button not responding common symptoms:

  • The device does not respond when you touch the wake or sleep button.
  • Unresponsive home button common symptoms:
  • Home button does not respond when pressed.

Contact Tech Guys in Salinas, Monterey, and the entire Monterey Bay Area and discover how economical repairing your iPod can be.

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