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The iPhone has developed into an extremely popular and iconic mobile device. Unfortunately, the iPhone that helps you stay connected to family, friends and the world can fail. On occasion, it may stop working unexpectedly. Sometimes, the owner drops it on the ground or in water. Many times, you can solve working issues on your own. However, some problems need professional service. Tech Guys will restore your iPhone 7, 7 Plus or iPhone 6, 6 Plus at a reasonable price and with the highest quality parts available. You will receive the best service possible, and we are specialists skilled at resolving problems with iPhones.

We’ll Offer The Best Solution

At Tech Guys, we will offer you the best solutions for problems such as software reset, unlocking your iPhone and more. Whether your iPhone is under warranty still or not, we will provide you with the best restoration possible. We resolve software complications, hardware related problems, data transfer and data recovery.

A brand new iPhone can put a dent in your monthly budget. Therefore, when your current iPhone has been damaged, Tech Guys can offer you some cost effective alternatives to buying a new model. When you bring in your broken or damaged iPhone, one of our specialists will perform a thorough diagnostic and give you a quick and accurate estimate. Most of the time, the repairs are relatively inexpensive and can be completed promptly. We will disassemble the mobile device, clean the internal parts, repair or replace the necessary parts, and reassemble the phone.

Parts and items that Tech Guys will fix or replace for your iPhone include:

  • Back glass.
  • Front camera.
  • Battery.
  • Back camera.
  • Color conversion, metallic.
  • Color conversion, standard.
  • Dock connector.
  • Cracked screen.
  • Ear speaker.
  • LCD.
  • Home button.
  • Power or sleep button.
  • Microphone, bottom.
  • Bottom speaker.
  • Proximity sensor.
  • Volume button and audio jack.

Contact Tech Guys in Salinas, Monterey, and the entire Monterey Bay Area and discover how economical repairing your iPhone can be.

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