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computer-repair-salinasAt Tech Guys, we will restore your desktop or laptop computer promptly and efficiently. We offer a broad spectrum of restoration services to meet your needs. Our thorough diagnostic is free of charge, and that alone will save you time and money. With Tech Guys, there is no need for a computer repair shop that charges a flat fee just to complete the diagnostic. Our knowledgeable technicians have the experience and expertise to resolve the most complex issues with any computer. Bring your desktop or laptop in, and we will resolve those frustrating problems that keep you from enjoying your computer.

Computer Repair General Price List:

General Intrusive System Diagnostic

General Hourly Repair

Virus & Spyware Removal

Operating System Reload with Backup

Data Backup (Files Only)

PC Optimization & Cleanup

Data Backup to Disc

On Site Home or Business Service First hour

…..second consecutive hour

Device Pick up or Drop off







$50.00 Plus $5.00/disc




Below is a list of common repairs that we perform routinely on desktops and laptops:

  • Laptop motherboard repair.
  • Laptop DC jack repair.
  • Sound issues.
  • Laptop video repair.
  • Network or wireless issues.
  • Networking
  • Laptop screen repair.
  • Hard drive updates.
  • Power pack issues.
  • Computer memory upgrades.
  • Virus removal.
  • Computer running slow.
  • Will not boot.
  • Blue screen of death.
  • No connectivity.
  • Firewall configurations.

Tech Guys understands how important your computer is to you or your business. Over the last seven years, we have developed trustworthy relationships within our Salinas neighbors and business colleagues.

We offer repair and restoration services for all of the following computer problems:

  • Virus, Malware, Spyware, Trojan, Worm and Adware removal
  • Data recovery and security
  • Windows and Apple Operating System repair, upgrade or reinstall
  • Laptop repairs: LCD, mousepad, power jack, motherboard, inverters, hindges, cpu and more.
  • Windows blue screen error and startup issue fixes.
  • Data transfer, from one hard drive to another.
  • Hardware and software upgrade (such as CPU, Motherboard, RAM).
  • Windows and Mac password reset.
  • In home Wifi and wired network setup such as routers, modems, ipads and printers.

Contact Tech Guys in Salinas, Monterey, and the entire Monterey Bay Area and discover how economical repairing your desktop or laptop computer can be.

Call us today at (831) 676-3234. To stay current with our cutting edge tips and tricks like us on Facebook.

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