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How to Root Your Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire by Amazon is almost a perfect machine, just out of the box. It allows you to watch videos on Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, etc. It’s great for reading a book, or just the casual games. But, if you’re like me, you found the UI (User Interface) a little bland. After a little research, I found that is actually fairly easy to root your Kindle Fire. Thanks to the people at XDA-Developers, a nice utility was developed just for rooting you’re the Kindle Fire, even for the latest firmwares.

Hop on over to here to download the utility.

The process for rooting the Kindle Fire is extremely simple.

The first step is to install the drivers for the Kindle Fire that came with the utility you just downloaded. Extract all the files to somewhere you won’t forget and look for the file name, “install_drivers.bat”. Before you click that, make sure the Kindle Fire is plugged in via USB and turned on. Once that is done, go ahead and open the install_drivers.bat file and it will automatically begin to install the drivers for your device.

The second step is to root your device. Yep, that easy. Go to the files you just extracted and open up the “run.bat” file. Once the file opens you will see a command prompt with red lettering and numbered options. Type in the number associated with “Install Permanent Root with Superuser.” And then press enter. After a few moments, you will now see that you have successfully rooted your Kindle fire.

This means you can install the Google Play Store and download even more apps for the surprisingly powerful tablet. Or you can go ahead and install a custom rom on your device.

If you need any further help, go ahead and follow this link for an even more in depth guide for rooting your Kindle Fire.

What is Rooting and Romming? Click Here

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