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Frustrating Laptop Issues | PC & MAC Repairs in Salinas, CA

Not too long ago a laptop was a second computer, not really suitable for work unless you were a road warrior with a portable computer that cost as much as your car. Those days are over. Now, your laptop can be, and often is, not only your main computer but a huge part of your life. When it’s not working, you need solutions fast.

LCD Monitor Issues

There are several possible issues you might encounter with your laptop’s LCD screen. The five most common issues are:

1. Black Display

If your laptop comes on and appears to be functioning except that your display is completely black, you might have a faulty connection cable. If you are comfortable opening your laptop’s chassis, reset the cable connecting the display to the main board.

Another possible cause for a black display is a faulty inverter. Replacing an LCD inverter is a fairly easy fix if you’re comfortable working on your computer’s hardware.

If you are not comfortable working on your laptop, the solutions suggested are inexpensive repairs when conducted by a trained laptop repair specialist.

If you try the suggested repairs without positive results, you should take your computer in for repair.

2. Dark Display

If you turn on your laptop and the display is very dark but you can see an image, you may have one of several possible problems.

Make sure that the brightness setting on your laptop is turned all the way up. This setting can easily be changed without your noticing.

If the brightness settings are at maximum and the display is still dark, check to see that the lid switch is not jammed down. If the laptop thinks it is still closed, it will keep the screen very dim.

If neither of these solutions work, you probably have either a bad inverter, mentioned above, or a bad backlight in your LCD screen.

3. Incorrect Colors on Screen or Jumbled Display

If you see wildly incorrect colors on your screen, or if the display looks jumbled or garbled, you probably have a bad video processor. Quite often the only solution for this problem is to replace the entire mainboard. This is a repair that should be done by a professional unless you are very experienced at repairing your laptop.

4. Nonfunctional Mouse Touchpad

One of the most frustrating problems you can have with your laptop is a nonfunctional touchpad. Many people use external mice when possible. If you need the touchpad, however, you need the touchpad. Here are a few things to try before taking your computer in for repair.

  • Use a screen cleaning solution or ammonia-based cleaner to remove finger oils and other contaminants from the touchpad.
  • If cleaning does not ease the problem, shut down your computer completely, turn it off and turn it back on. Sometimes a process or program on your computer disables your mouse, and this hard boot will solve the problem.
  • Look at the function keys above the row of numbers on your keyboard. Find the one that has an image of your touchpad. Click on the key and see if the touchpad becomes functional. If not, hold down the “Fn” key while clicking on the key.

5. Motherboard

Motherboard failure is probably the most significant and expensive problem your computer can have. Fortunately, it’s also fairly rare.

If your laptop will not turn on, runs very slowly and generates heat, freezes or shuts down at random intervals, does not display an LED light when you turn on the power, makes a high-pitched noise and maintains a black screen when you turn it on or constantly reboots, you may have a motherboard problem. You should take your computer in for repair. Motherboard repairs are difficult and intricate and should be handled by trained professionals.

Laptop Hinges Broken

Occasionally a laptop hinge connecting the top or screen portion of the laptop to the body will break. If your computer is under warranty, the manufacturer may replace the hinge if there is no sign of damage from dropping the computer.

If your computer is not under warranty, you may be able to replace the hinge yourself if you’re comfortable doing the work.

If you are not comfortable replacing the hinge, a trained repair specialist can do so easily.

CPU Laptop Problems

The CPU is the brain of your laptop. If your laptop will not boot, hangs, freezes or overheats, you may have a CPU problem. A trained repair technician can diagnose and repair your laptop and have you back to work in a short time.

Royal Repair in Salinas, CA

Royal Repair in Salinas offers fast, effective laptop repairs with no hassles and no headaches. If your laptop problems are keeping you from accomplishing what you need to, call Royal Repair and we’ll have you back on track in no time.

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