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Common Problems with Smartphones | Salinas, CA

Smartphones are helpful, fun, and important little devices for the busy businessman, the tech-savvy teenager, and just about everyone else in between. But for all of their brilliance and gadgetry, they don’t come without their shareREAD MORE

4 Steps to Finding the Right iPhone Repair Company

Your iPhone is the most important piece of equipment that you will ever hold in your hand. It is your lifeline and your connection to family members, friends, employers, doctors and more. Therefore, you need aREAD MORE

To Repair, or Not to Repair

Despite all the features that are continually being added to cell phones, there aren’t many phones out there that are designed to be indestructible.  In the throwaway culture that we live in today, it can beREAD MORE

Royal Repair & The Tech Guys Merge

Royal Repair and The Tech Guys operated separately offering great services as individual companies, however, the two companies have recently merged to provide customers with the best services available. By Royal Repair and The Tech GuysREAD MORE

What should I do if I have a Computer Virus? | Salinas, CA

Whether you click on an email appearing to be from a close friend or accidentally download a program containing a virus, discovering that you have a computer virus can be a real drag. There are manyREAD MORE

Frustrating Laptop Issues | PC & MAC Repairs in Salinas, CA

Not too long ago a laptop was a second computer, not really suitable for work unless you were a road warrior with a portable computer that cost as much as your car. Those days are over.READ MORE

Broken iPhone | Broken iPad | Hollister, CA

Do You Have a Broken iPhone or iPad in Hollister? A broken iPhone or iPad doesn’t mean that it has to be replaced. In all but a few cases, these delicate pieces of technology can beREAD MORE

Samsung Galaxy Phone | Tablet Repair | Hollister, CA

Brokern | Damaged – Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets are high quality products that are built to last. However, sometimes, unexpected accidents occur that leave those products confused and inoperable. Anyone who currently owns a Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet can seek an alternative solution to buying a new device. A simple repair can do the trick; it can save a consumer hundreds of dollars in the process. Samsung Galaxy repair is available from a reliable repair shop. A reliable repair shop can fix the following Samsung Galaxy device problems:

Apple’s Bold Move – The 19-Pin Dock Connector

So you may have heard that Apple is about to release the New iPhone, or iPhone 5. The phone is expected to be faster than the iPhone 4s and features a slimmer body. But that’s notREAD MORE

The iPad Mini – Speculations of Apples New Mini Tablet

Apple always seems to be in the lead with their constant stream of new iOS capable devices. With the release of The New iPad, and the upcoming release of the iPhone 5, Apple will once againREAD MORE

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