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Apple’s Bold Move – The 19-Pin Dock Connector

So you may have heard that Apple is about to release the New iPhone, or iPhone 5. The phone is expected to be faster than the iPhone 4s and features a slimmer body. But that’s not all that’s new on this iPhone. It will be sporting Apple’s new 19-pin dock connector.

What will this mean for the previous customer’s of Apple and products that work with Apple devices?

This is a bold move, the dock port for the iPhone 5 will be much, much smaller than the old port. Almost the same size of a micro-usb port. This means that if you’ve purchased an iHome Speaker system, or something similar to it, you will have to replace them. Or you may be like my dad, who had an iPod dock connector installed into his car so he could listen to music while driving.

Not much else is know about Apple’s switch to the smaller port, but it will definitely give Apple a little more room to work with on their designs for the New iPhone.

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